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Art – Intermediate

Duration: 3 Days 3-4 HRS PER SESSION
Mornings: 8:30 to 1pm or 
Afternoons: 1pm to 5 pm

Training cost including stiletto tips R 2300-00 - 3 days

  • Kolinsky Acrylic Brush, x6 Coloured acrylic powder, Glitter x6, White acrylic powder, Multi-balance Pink acrylic powder, Cover Pink acrylic powder, Clear acrylic powder, Dampen dish x2, Finish gel or glass finish gel, Sculpture forms x15

    Standard Kit:

    Hand Sanitizer, Gel Cleanser, Cuticle remover,

    X-trabond, Tip cutter, Royal fancy tips natural, Royal square tips natural, Royal square or royal fancy clear tips, Nail prep, Manicure Brush, Cuticle pusher, Nail clipper, Strong jet glue, Sponge buffer 100/180, Zebra file 100/100, Zebra file 150/150, Zebra file 180/180, Plastic dropper, Cuticle oil

Techniques that will be taught:

Day 1

Mirror effect – Gel paint and chrome
Leaves and lines - Crochet gel with sugaring
3D Flower 5 Petal and half leaf
3D Flower 3 Petals half moon

Day 2

3D Flower with leaf - Acrylic
3D Commercial bow
3D High relief
3D Low relief

Day 3

3D Heart
3D Roses
Art drops
Fantasy gel and sugaring
Sugaring full tip
High relief

All gel products will be provided in class

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