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Basic Module 1 – Acrylic

Duration: 10 Half Days 3-4 Hours Per Session
Monday – Friday
Mornings: 8:30 to 1pm or 
Afternoons: 1pm to 5 pm

Cost of the course includes kit used.


Kolinsky Acrylic Brush,
x6 Coloured acrylic powder,
Glitter x6,
White acrylic powder,
Multi-balance Pink acrylic powder,
Cover Pink acrylic powder,
Clear acrylic powder,
Dampen dish x2,
Finish gel or glass finish gel,
Sculpture forms x15

  • Hand Sanitizer,
  • Gel Cleanser,
  • Cuticle remover,
  • X-trabond,
  • Tip cutter,
  • Royal fancy tips natural,
  • Royal square tips natural,
  • Royal square or royal fancy clear tips,
  • Nail prep,
  • Manicure Brush,
  • Cuticle pusher,
  • Nail clipper,
  • Strong jet glue,
  • Sponge buffer 100/180,
  • Zebra file 100/100,
  • Zebra file 150/150,
  • Zebra file 180/180,
  • Plastic dropper,
  • Cuticle oil
  • How to prepare the Natural nail for product application?
  • How to do a full set of French
  • How to do a full set one colour overlay
  • How to do Baby boomer/Faded French
  • How to do a faded glitter full set
  • How to encapsulate art in a full set
  • How to do Blocking art
  • How to do Marbling art
  • How to Mix acrylics
  • How to Extend a Nailbed
  • How to refill a client’s Nails
  • How to remove the products
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