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Electric Filing Courses

This course is highly recommended as this course will not only save you time, but advance your ability to be professional, this course can be added on any course Mia Secret offers.
Electric files we use in our salons and kits are from highest quality worldwide. We use MediCool electric nail files from the USA, these files comes with a one year warranty and necessary drill bit.


Option 1

Duration: 3 Days 3hours per day
Costings: R 8000.00 (including machine)


Sanding band Mandrel
Drill bit


Option 2

Duration:  3 Days 3hours per day
Costing: R 2 500.00

No kit included.


Option 3

Duration: 3 Days 3hours per day
Costing: R 10 000.00 (including machine)


Sanding Band Mandrel
Drill bit


All electric files are compact and light.

  • Kolinsky Acrylic Brush, x6 Coloured acrylic powder, Glitter x6, White acrylic powder, Multi-balance Pink acrylic powder, Cover Pink acrylic powder, Clear acrylic powder, Dampen dish x2, Finish gel or glass finish gel, Sculpture forms x15

    Standard Kit:

    Hand Sanitizer, Gel Cleanser, Cuticle remover,

    X-trabond, Tip cutter, Royal fancy tips natural, Royal square tips natural, Royal square or royal fancy clear tips, Nail prep, Manicure Brush, Cuticle pusher, Nail clipper, Strong jet glue, Sponge buffer 100/180, Zebra file 100/100, Zebra file 150/150, Zebra file 180/180, Plastic dropper, Cuticle oil

  • How to prepare the Natural nail for product application.

    How to do a full set of French.

    How to do a full set one colour overlay.

    How to do Baby boomer/Faded French.

    How to do a faded glitter full set.

    How to encapsulate art in a full set.

    How to do color blocking art.

    How to do Marbling art.

    How to Mix custom colors.

    How to Extend a Nail bed.

    How to do a Acrylic back fill.

    How to remove acrylic correctly.

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